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Now In Our Restaurant too!

Joe’s Tea Co... the most heavenly smelling (and tasting!) range of organic herbal, black, white and loose leaf fruit teas we have ever smelt (and tasted!) Come down and try them before we drink them all ourselves!

Joe’s Tea Co…

… was born in 2012 and Joe’s sought after organic blends have since won 25 Great Taste Awards. Young Joe went out to source us Brits the best tea he could find. And by ‘best’ we mean sourced from the most exceptional and ethical organic tea plantations he could find. All from the high and misty Dyatalawa Hills in Sri Lanka and brewed with 100% organic Ceylon tea leaves.

As a result, he has produced the most outstanding, pure, fresh, quirky and colourful concoctions to tingle our taste buds! Try ‘Minted-up’ Fruit tea, ‘Queen of Green’ tea and the multi award winning Chocca-Roo tea plus loads more!

Available in loose leaf form, as served in our restaurant and in good-to-go pyramid bags as sold in our Farm Shop so you can buy your favourite on your way home!

Check out Joe’s website, for more information on his tea journey, the importance of sustainability to his organisation and all his amazing flavours!

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Fredericka Horn
Mar 26, 2021

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Jan 05, 2021

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