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New bread supplier

SØDT is pronounced soot and is Danish for sweet. They are a small artisan bakery based in Lodsworth and were co founders of the original Hungry Guest team and their amazing breads.

SØDT makes traditional artisan breads and pastries alongside a range of original rye based recipes, developed and made exclusively by SØDT. They use natural ingredients and slow fermentation for extra depth of flavour. All their ingredients are sourced as locally as possible

and they favour small producers.

to see the products that they do (and we can order in for you) Click here

We are getting daily deliveries.

From their Website:

SØDT was founded by Troels Bendix and Pawel Litewka in 2018.

Troels and Pawel have shared a long bread adventure. Troels left his native Denmark for London in 2001 and started a successful artisan bakery. Pawel, who is originally from Poland, joined the bakery soon after. The wholesale bakery specialised in sourdough breads, pastries and sweets. They supplied shops, restaurants and hotels including Brindisa, The Providores, Clarence House and The Lanesborough. During this time, Troels developed the in-house range of artisan breads for one of the UK’s leading and most respected supermarket chains.

Feeling the need for new challenges and to live and work outside London, Troels left the city for West Sussex In 2011. He became one of the founders and creative director of The Hungry Guest, a delicatessen with its own bakery. Pawel ran the bakery and their breads won several World Bread Awards.

Troels left The Hungry Guest in 2015 to start a bakery and café in partnership with an old friend. As they were planning the new venture he had a mountain bike accident and sustained a serious head injury. He was in hospital for three months and had to learn to walk and speak again. With Pawel’s help, and with characteristic quiet steeliness, Troels studied recipes and has baked almost every day since.

Three and a half years after Troels’s accident and with the same entrepreneurial and creative spirit as ever, the friends began SØDT.

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