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Grow for us

For the last 5 years we have put it out to the local community that we would buy anything that is produced by themselves. We've had a brilliant response with about 10 growers producing a whole range of fruit and Vege's for us. Now though, we want more, lots more. Get digging!

We will then turn your delicious, fresh produce into something for our restaurant or delicatessen. We pay the market rate on that given day for your produce (based on Covent Garden prices) and you get the satisfaction of seeing it getting turned into something special. 

We have 10 suppliers now, from Jerusalem artichokes to blackcurrants to the most stunning grapes grown 1/4 of a mile away on a 40 year old vine. 

We want more though, literally there is very little we can't produce a delicious dish from. 

Grow for us!

There is nothing finer than locally grown produce, so why not up your production and sell to us.

Get in touch!


1) Please provide us with as much notice as possible, preferably at the beginning of the season. We plan our dishes considerably in advance so need at least 2 weeks notice. If you have a monster crop, spread out over a period we can happily take it but would likely integrate it into the main menu, rather then as a special.   This would therefore need notice at the beginning of the year. 

2) We need a fair crop! as much as we will use anything we're given, we need a fair amount of it to produce a dish to sell. So a couple of carrots isn't going to cut the wholegrain!

Also, it needs to be freshly picked and of good quality. Bumps, nobbles and wonky bits, all the better, just no obviously non usable products that have been hanging around or have been hammered by insects/disease. We will reject items that we feel aren't good enough for our dishes.

3) The products need to be grown using as little pesticides/herbicides as possible. Certainly nothing that can't be bought in a garden centre and  no neonicotinoid pesticides due to the links with bee decline.

4) we source a range of  our products from various markets, the predominant being New Covent Garden. We will provide you with a figure that matches what we could buy the product for at the markets. Saying that if the product is magnificent, there may be a little haggling potential!