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Mill Farm Organics...

Mill Farm is set in the idyllic Hampshire countryside on the banks of the River Wey. They farm to the strict standards demanded by the Soil Association, working with nature and using no chemical fertilisers or pesticides. They are inspected regularly in order to achieve true Organic Farm status.

At Mill Farm the land is their most valuable asset, preserving, restoring and protecting is central to their farming practices. They are committed to 'treading lightly' to ensure they leave their patch in a healthy, fertile state for future generations.

South Devon and Aberdeen Angus cattle, Black Welsh Mountain and Wiltshire Horn sheep and Saddleback and Tamworth pigs are all reared in a low input, sustainable, organic farming system to produce fantastic, great tasting meat which is all now available here at Applegarth Farm.

The animals are all fed almost exclusively on grass, grazing outdoors in the summer and eating conserved forage in winter, This gives a special intense flavour tot he meat, which is wholly lacking from animals fed intensively on cereals.

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