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Fancy a cuppa?

We are thrilled to be stocking a new range of tea by Joe’s Tea Co. in our shop. Founded in 2012, Joe’s Tea Co. have to date won 25 Great Taste Awards and produce a wide variety of organic blends such as ‘Ever-So-English Everyday’, ‘Whiter Than White’, ‘Queen of Green’, ‘Proper Peppermint’ and Chocca-Roo-Brew’. To achieve a superior flavour and to maximise the antioxidant-packed health benefits, the farmers of Joe’s Tea shun chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers, instead opting to use their expert knowledge (passed down over generations) and so use simple yet effective, non-toxic biological pest control, helping to keep the ecosystem balanced and healthy. Applegarth’s farm shop is currently stocking 15 different types, which should be enough to cover you for every occasion!

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26 nov. 2020

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