New coffee - The 'V60'

There is a new type of coffee on our menu which you simply must try! Its called a V60 (also known as a V60 dripper) and it uses the old fashioned method of brewing coffee, using filter papers. It produces a delicate tasting and sediment-free cup of coffee which is so smooth that we recommend it be drunk without milk (don’t worry though, we won’t judge you if you do ask for milk)! For our 'Applegarth V60' we are using a guest blend, which is a Brazilian, single origin blend called ’Carmo De Minas’, it has hints of dark chocolate, apricot and candied nuts and is produced by local Surrey company Stag Roasters. The V60 dripper, filter papers and the Stag Roasters coffee are all available to buy as a bundle from our shop, so you can

enjoy a V60 in the comfort of your own home!

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