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Working at Applegarth

You're right, we aren't corporate. Which means decisions happen at ground level based upon the need to make them, rather than because someone up the chain has come up with a good idea. We react to circumstance, we drive forward and we get things done. Your voice counts. 

We have put countless people through NVQ qualifications, paid for by us with your teacher attending Applegarth. If you want to further yourself, it means you are driven and just the type of person we're after. We try to make your working day something you want to go to rather than a drag. We've had numerous staff events like shooting the hell out of each other in grounded helicopters, to clay pigeon shooting on the farm. Oh and dressing up in sumo suits and wrestling like maniacs.

Also we have just gained planning permission for a major expansion to Applegarth and feel that the potential for someone joining us now is considerable. We intend to make Applegarth a mecca for foodies, an oasis of exceptional food in the desert of high street chain restaurants. Have a look here www.applegarthspotential.biz for more info.

Anyway, we would love to hear from you whether a specific job role is listed here or not.

Things change daily so get in touch. 

K I T C H E N  P O R T E R

Full time/part time

Whilst not the most glamorous of roles, it is the engine of our restaurant and ensures our Chef's have pots and pans and our customer's have plates to eat from, things are a terrible mess without you! 

Be part of our close knit kitchen team with full training, a competitive wage and a share of the daily tips!

Send CV's to hungry@applegarthfarm.co.uk 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

B A R M A N / B A R I S T A

Part-time or Full-time

We are looking for a new barman/barista to become part of our talented front of house team.

1-2 years experience is beneficial although not a requirement but the ability to work as part of a team and function well under pressure is.  Enthusiasm and creativity for developing new drinks and garnishes and keeping up with current trends is also important.

Must maintain high standards of cleanliness in the work place and possess exceptional customer service skills. 

Full training will be given in our systems and ethos.

Competitive wage offered plus a daily share of tips.

You will be required to work evenings and weekends and will report to our Restaurant Managers. 


Please forward all CV's to rm@applegarthfarm.co.uk.

We can't wait to hear from you!