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Cooking course detailed Form

Bookings for under 18's

If booking for multiple children, please provide names

Please read the terms and conditions below and tick below to confirm your booking:

Terms and conditions:
1. Payment should be made in full prior to the course.

2. We need 14 days’ notice of cancellation of a booking. If cancellation is made within 14 days of the course a refund will not be given. If there is a waiting list for the course we will do our best to fill your place/s in which case we would offer a full refund.

3. If you are unable to attend you are very welcome to send someone in your place.

4. Health and safety - we have completed risk assessments for all our courses and take the safety of all our attendees extremely seriously. At the start of each course we outline the health and safety procedures for the course. Children’s and teenager’s courses – we will be using sharp knives and there will be hot pans and trays that the young people will handle. Cuts and burns are the most frequently occurring minor injuries. There is a first aid trained member of staff on the premises during any course. 

5. Children aged 7-12 attending the course -  our worktops are normal adult height of about 90cm. If your child is on the smaller side we do have steps for them to stand on, but please be aware that this does increase their risk of having an accident by falling off it. Please make your own assessment, knowing your child’s height and capabilities, of whether this is a suitable arrangement. In the unlikely event of an accident and we are unable to get hold of you, we will take appropriate measures to such as calling an ambulance or administering first aid.

6. Children and young adults – if we feel at any time that the behaviour of an attendee is endangering or offending other attendees they will be asked to leave the course and the emergency contact will be asked to come and collect them.


7.Please wear appropriate footwear – children should not wear flip flops or high heeled shoes and ideally arms should be covered to prevent burns to lower arm. It is recommended that toes should be covered by footwear as dropping a knife, hot liquid or a hot pan on feet is a possibility.


8.Snow – if we are unable to run a course or attendees are unable to attend due to snowy conditions then we will reschedule the course at a later date or transfer you to another course of your choice. 


9.Please notify us of any food allergies, intolerances or preferences on booking as it is very difficult to make changes on the day of the course.

Thanks for submitting!

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