Farm shop and restaurant, Grayshott, Hampshire 

Longhorn Wing rib of beef

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What a turn of luck! We are able to offer a very limited amount of our stunning Longhorn Beef for your Christmas table. 

This is the very same beef that we use on our Beef and Liberty evenings. It comes from a small herd of Longhorn Cattle, grass fed next to the Costwold National park.

It is so good, Martin has just won an extraordinarily prestigeous award. Against 17 other countries, he won the best Grass Feed beef award beating Japan, US, Arguntina and 15 other countries. 

For more info on the beef, click here

We can only get a small supply. Get ordering!

Prices are per KG. The smallest we can provide is 2kg. drop the 'size' down to increase up to 5kg.

Get this exceptional, world award winning beef for less than an average wing rib joint at Waitrose.


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