Farm shop and restaurant, Grayshott, Hampshire 

The 'Glamper'

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Title: Hamper, giftwrapped

Using one of our lovely ratan woven cloth covered trays the perfect hamper for a glamourous lady

  • Scrumptious Granola- The finest Granolla on the market, without doubt. Served in The Dorchestor, The Ledbury, Fortnum's and a host of other 5 star establishments. A slightly healthy angle for she who coverts her well being.
  • Goupie- this is where it get's indulgent, a delicious new product on the market. Essentially an upmarket chocolate rice crispie, the white chocolate and cardamon are truly sensational. Little triangle pieces of goodness.
  • Coca Locoa- milk chocolate hot chocolate stick. Simples, unwrap, boil some milk stick the chocolate spoon into hot milk and create a truly stunning hot chocolate. 
  • Joe & Sephs popcorn. New to Applegarth, these have turned this individual into a popcorn loving addict. This one is delicious, caramel, honey and hazelnuts, they truly are very very delicious.
  • Coca Locoa Bar - White chocolate and raspberry bits. 
  • Strawberry Fields Pear and Vanilla  Preserve- this Jam won a double gold at this years Great Taste Awards, exceptional.
  • Botter Prosecco- a cheeky double glass of sparkling Italian prosecco.

We've tried to hit every level with this one. A little bit of health, a large amount of chocolate, some stunning popcorn and a double glass of fizz to wash it down with. Oh and some jam to sit in the cupboard, reminding them of the wonderfull present you bought them!

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