Farm shop and restaurant, Grayshott, Hampshire 

Locally Produced Food Initiative

At Applegarth we  do everything we can to get hold of the freshest, most exceptional fruit and veg that we can. We already work with a number of local grower, buying what they produce in their gardens - it's a system that works really well.  

With this in mind we want to make contact with as many local people as we can and create a localised hub of growers willing to sell us their wares. 

To do this we need to establish a few ground rules so that it works well.

  • We need as much notice as we can get so that we can work the produce into our seasonal menu.
  • The preference is a fair amount of one type for it to easily be incorporated into the menu. We can happily take it over a period rather than as just one delivery.
  • We will pay exactly the same value for the produce that we would if we were to purchase the produce from our various wholesalers (bought from Covent Garden)
  • We ask that the produce is grown with as few additives as possible. 

Please get in contact, we'd love to hear from you - email Will on hungry@applegarthfarm.co.uk to get started.



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