We know you’ve got lots of questions about the steps we’ve taken and the protocols in place – and we’ve tried to answer them here. If there’s anything we haven’t covered and that you want to know, please contact us.


Q: What tier is Applegarth in?

A: We are located in a Tier 4 area (last updated updated 23 December 2020).


Q: What are the tier 4 restrictions?

  • Households are not allowed to mix, but one person is allowed to meet with one other person outside in a public space

  • Our restaurant is closed but you are allowed to shop at the farm  

  • You cannot travel between tiers if you are living in a tier 4 area

  • Both staff and guests will be required to wear a mask at all times inside 

  • Please only visit us if you are well and have a genuine reason 


Q: I want to cancel/postpone my booking. How do I do this?

A: We will also happily change the date on any restaurant bookings you have made. Please contact

Please be aware that emails are monitored daily, but due to the volume of emails, you may not receive a response immediately. We will deal with queries in chronological order by reservation date and endeavour to respond within five working days.


Q: What precautions have you taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

A: We always strive to go above and beyond the standards expected by our customers, and our approach to the current situation is no exception. We have undertaken risk assessments at Applegarth, allowing us to ensure that from the moment you arrive, you feel safe, at home and able to enjoy your meal or shopping experience.

We deep clean before opening, with hand sanitising stations added throughout. In our restaurants, our seating arrangements allow for 1m+ social distancing and, where possible, we have separate entrances and exits, with a one-way system allowing for smooth access throughout.

Every single team member has undertaken training, enabling them to do what they do best – look after you, keep you safe and make sure you leave happier than when you arrived.

To protect our guests and our team members, we will be asking customers not to travel if they are displaying symptoms of coronavirus or if they are travelling from an area currently in a local lockdown. 

With the rule of six, effective from 14 September 2020, we can only accommodate party sizes of up to six people from either the same or different households, both indoors and outdoors. Please remember that this includes children and babies. If there are more than six individuals in your household or if you are part of an extended support bubble, we may be able to accommodate larger table sizes but if possible, please let us know in advance. If you are not part of the same family or cannot prove that you live in the same household, we may need to separate you into tables of six. Tables unfortunately cannot mix once seated.

These rules are designed for your safety and to prevent the spread of coronavirus. They are also now enforceable by law and we will need to keep strictly to these rules at all times.


Q: How are you collecting details for NHS Test & Trace?

A: When you arrive at Applegarth, we will ask you to complete a mandatory Track and Trace registration using your NHS Test & Trace app. We have also made QR codes available and these will also provide an alternative for anyone who hasn’t got the NHS app.

If you prefer to use our system, you will need to scan the QR code using the camera on your smartphone (IOS or Android), which will take you directly to a Track and Trace registration form. It is a legal requirement that we ask at least one member of each party to register their details and we hope our customers will play their part in this important exercise. If you don’t have a smartphone or have signal issues, we will collect your registration on paper and dispose of this securely after the data retention period has ended.

Any Track and Trace data collected is held for a maximum of 21 days from the date of the last registered visit. If you have WIFI enabled on your phone and visit us more than once, we may be able to recognise your phone and automatically register you, however, it is important that you complete the registration process on every visit regardless. Registration details captured on paper will be securely destroyed at the end of the 21-day period.


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